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Leilani joined us in September 2010. She came from a breeder in South Dakota. Pictures of her parents are shown below. She is such a rare cocker - her coat is called Chocolate Merle. It almost seems like someone took a paint brush and dotted her coat with several colors of brown! LeiLani had an injury at age 3, and she was retired early. She has found a great family in Florida.

littermates Here are my brothers and sisters!


The chocolate cocker is Molly, my mom and the black & white parti is Joker, my Dad.

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bone chew cute cute2 eat face face2 flowers hammock shell grass willow cinco 1 bunny bunny2

I met Willow for the first time, we'll be great friends. And pictured here with one of our own puppies, Cinco from Jasmine and Coco. Wouldn't they make great puppies together!

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Shown above, I'm 7 months old now! My coat is very wavy now..

back cut

LeiLani pictured above at 9 months, just before her first summer cut!!


Look - no hair! Hey, there was a puppy under all that fur!!

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LeiLani found a home with the Taft Family!




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