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Mr. Taz Man - "Taz"


Taz is our current stud. He was bred thru Penny Lane Cockers in Wisconsin. He is a beautiful sable baby. He weighs about 22 lb. With his wonderful coloring, and pedigree which includes silver and chocolate, we hope he will produce pups in many colors!


baby face dad mom twin

Here I am just a few days old, and then 4 weeks old. This is my Dad Frosty (silver) and my Mom Penny (chocolate sable). I also had a twin brother, shown here at 6 weeks old!

sit face2 taz

chloe roxy taz taz taz 3

Just arrived home from the airport and meeting my new friends. Pictured here Taz is 2 months old, Chloe is 4.5 month, Roxy 3.5 months and Jasmine 4 yrs old.

taz who

Meeting the big guy I'm named after!

face johndeere

hd1 2 hd

I love to go shopping at Home Depot with Dad - I even dress up for the occasion!


The above picture shows the difference in sizes of Roxy, Taz and one of Jasmine's 3 week old puppies - all sables.

sit stand

Pictured above, Taz at 6 months old.

stand1yr face1yr tounge 1 2 3

Taz turns 1! Yes, that is a black dot on his tounge, part of his sabling.

1 2 3 4

Too hot! Haircut time!


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