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Princess Patty Patches - "Patty"


Patty Patches was born on Valentines Day, 2014! She joined us from AACSLA - Fran is a wonderful breeder located in Louisiana who has been breeding for more than 15 years. Patty is a chocolate parti cocker with chocolate spots (ticking). She absolutely loves to be held, and when young fit comfortably in one arm! She will be a future mom in 2016.

mom dad mom2 siblings

My mom - Cherish (Sable Parti), My Dad - Squirt (Chocolate) and my litter mates!

newborn face lay

Newborn and 2 weeks old

easter easter sit

Pictures taken by Fran, her breeder and loving Mom at 1 month old.

airport laydown

Arriving home from the airport!

bucket lay lay kiss sit 3

3 months old and my first cocker cut!

5 5 sleep 2


First full hair cut at 5 months old.

1 2 3

7 months old now!

1 yr hotdog

hot dog1face

Patty Patches First Birthday!!!

1 2 5

Hot days in Florida - time for a haircut!

1 2 3 4

Patty Patches now at 2 years old


1 2 3

Pictured above - Patty is 3 years young!

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