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Hi everyone! I'm a famous red head - my name is Princess Fiona of Far Far Away. I might have borrowed that name from someone guy named Shrek... Anyhow, I'm an original orlandocockers pup, born right here on 1/22/20! My Mom Daisy retired right after she had me and my siblings as she was 6 years old. And my Dad is Bandit. You can find pictures of my parents below. I look just like my Mommy Daisy - check out the pictures below!


This is my Dad above - Monsieur L'amour Bandit (The Love Bandit!)

I was in a litter of 7 pups, all cute, but I think I was the cutest!

I was a pretty cute kid! Shown above as a newborn, then 2 and 4 weeks old!


At 6 weeks I was a regular at the photo studio, bring on that camera!


I'll be a mommy once I'm much older - until then I'll hang out with the crew here. Lots of toys to chew on, lots of toes to try to chew on... A day in the life of a puppy at Orlandocockers!

3 months old

All in the family!




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