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Princess Calla Lily - "Calla"


My name is Calla and I'm a beautiful buff cocker. I'm home bred by Orlandocockers and my birthday is October 20, 2016. Calla has a playful spirit, she is curious about everything and could be considered to be a drama queen. She is a true people puppy who adores anyone who gives her attention! Calla won't have pups until her 2nd cycle in 2018.


Above my Mom Lily, Dad Bolt and pictures of my litter just born

newborng1f4 wks6 wks

Shown above - newborn, 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks old


Me and my new Mommy!



I'm 5 months old now!

1 yr

above at one year old

15 months old - January 2018


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