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Princess Rapunzel's Sky Tower - "Rapunzel"


Rapunzel is a home bred girl - her parents are Blue and Bandit - born on 9/10/18. She is a beautiful white parti cocker with 2 stunning blue eyes. She is a merle, like her Mom! She lives with Karen and her family which includes two of our studs - Bolt and Wall-E who both adore her!


blue bandit

Pictured above - Blue my Mom, and Bandit my Dad


These are my brothers and sisters!

new2 ks4 wk

Above - newborn, 2 weeks and 4 weeks old



Rapunzel above at 6 weeks old, look at those eyes!

My new mommy!

Nap time with my 2 big brothers!

Rapunzel will not have pups until 2020.



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