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Sweet Baxter - "Baxter"


Beep Beep, puppy coming thru! Oh Hi - I'm Baxter. I was born here at Orlandocockers on 9/10/18. I'm such a cutie, don't you think? I'm a black and white cocker with a bit of tan tips. I'm a sweet and calm puppy, and I get a lot of attention. I even eat slow and delicate - sitting down to enjoy each kibble! I am starting to get tan marking above my eyes and on my belly! I am a heart throb clearly, everyone loves me and can't me down! I am getting many little buff freckles all over my just like mom Mom Blue! I'm the quite and calm brother - at least right now!


That's my parents above - Blue is my Mom on the left, and Bandit is my Dad on the right.



My litter mates - so many beautiful colors!

1 23

Pictured above - newborn, 2weeks and 4 weeks old

1 2 3

6 weeks old


Above at 3 months old



Baxter won't be a Dad until late 2019.



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